SAS Australia forces celebrities to face there fears

Fears we all have them but which celebrities couldn’t face theirs and withdraw from SAS Australia?

In tonight’s test of FEAR, the SAS Australia star recruits had to:

  • Tackle a daunting climb and speedy forward descent down a steep 60m rockface in teams of two
  • Face off in a brutal game of Murderball (rugby with a tyre and no rules) to show they can control aggression
  • Endure their first “Beastings” – a relentless physical thrashing from the DS (when recruits are drained physically it affects them mentally – Am I fit enough? Is this course for me? Have I got what it takes?)

Struggling on the course and rattled by her interrogation, glamour model Arabella Del Busso (“I’m honestly not the only person in Australia who has told a white lie”) was the second recruit to VW.

Jackson Warne revealed he’d tried more foods in the past two days than he’d eaten in his entire life.

Shayna Jack took a couple of hard hits in Murderball, fainted and needed medical assistance.

Firass Dirani again caught the attention of the DS for all the wrong reasons and in interrogation with the DS was told to STFU and change his attitude.

Recruits were punished for Firass’ actions with an uphill running beasting. It was too much for Schapelle Corby who became the third recruit to VW from the course (“I came to open doors myself and start to live in society better than I have been; it’s time to create a new life for myself”).

14 recruits remain: Ali Oetjen, Candice Warner, Eden Dally, Erin McNaught, Firass Dirani, Jackson Warne, James Magnussen, Merrick Watts, Mitchell Johnson, Molly Taylor, Nick Cummins, Sabrina Frederick, Shannan Ponton, Shayna Jack