Sandra Sully gets 10 Speaks Podcast

Sandra Sully gets 10 Speaks Podcast

In a new 10 Speaks podcast released today, acclaimed 10 News First journalist and presenter Sandra Sully talks candidly to a series of intriguing and inspiring women who have something interesting to say, about what really matters in Short Black With Sandra Sully.

As a campaigner, author and women’s advocate, Sandra is committed to giving a voice to women who are trying to make a difference.

Sandra will speak to women you have heard of, and some you have not, but what they all have in common is their determination and passion to leave their mark on the world and the people in it. Short Black With Sandra Sully is about celebrating interesting women who are doing extraordinary things. Good women, great chat.

In this series, Sandra will sit down for an open and honest conversation with a different woman each episode. All the women featured are from diverse backgrounds and Sandra will delve into what makes these women tick, what keeps them up at night and what really matters to them.

At times the new 10 Speaks series will be funny, sometimes heartbreaking, but it will always be true to the issues, struggles and triumphs that women from all walks of life face today.

Sandra said: “Clearly as a journalist I love telling stories and I’ve had the great privilege throughout my career to meet so many well-known and not so well known women whose stories, I believe, need to be told.

“This podcast series shines a light on interesting women doing extraordinary things – be it career trajectory, maximising opportunities, risking it all or daring to be different.”

Network 10’s director of news content, Ross Dagan, said: “The range of women Sandra has lined up to speak with is nothing short of outstanding.  

“She is masterful at helping lead them through their stories. We gain inspiration and understanding as a result of her enthusiasm for Short Black. As Sandra approaches her 30th year at Network 10, we are proud that she will extend her talents to 10 Speaks to deliver these exclusive interviews.”

The podcast is produced and presented by Sandra Sully, and is available from today on Acast, Apple Podcasts and Spotify. New episodes will be released fortnightly on a Tuesday.