Sandra Sent Packing on Big Brother

Sandra Sent Packing on  Big Brother

Sandra said her farewells on Big Brother but there was an even bigger surprise in store.

 Sandra received 9 per cent of votes-to-save and Big Brother fans voted overwhelmingly to save popular first time nominee Ryan, who received 38 per cent of votes-to-save.

On stage with host Sonia Kruger talking about her time in the House, Sandra said she was naïve going into it and likened the experience to a greyhound race. She said it was like everyone was running to get the rabbit, but she was more of the family pet kind of greyhound who liked to stay at home and be loved. Sandra also said she didn’t realise she would miss reading books, newspapers, talking to people and her family so much: “I remember watching previous series and saying to the TV stop crying, and then that was me.”

When Sonia asked Sandra about her relationship with Sam, she said “there have been heaps of times when I’ve had a crush on a guy and then they become my best friends … this is what happened between Sam and I”. 

 Tonight we we will see if Aisha and Travis choose the power play, which could see them leaving the Big Brother House together with $50,000.If they stay will Australia vote Jason, Priya or David out of the Big Brother House for good?

Big Brother airs 8;30 Tonight on Nine


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