Sam Says Sayonara To a Favourite

Sam Says Sayonara To a Favourite

Last night the Bachelor broke a world record and another heart as the top 10 were announced.

As the dust settled from the previous night’s cocktail party, Nina was whisked away for a breathtaking date on top of the world.  the only Bachelorette that had not previously gone on a date with Sam, Nina couldn’t wipe the smile from her face as she approached him ahead of their adventurous one-on-one.

As they set off to climb the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sam broke the news to Nina that they would be attempting to break a Guinness World Record that would set her heart racing. Osher , greeted them at the top of the bridge and invited Nina and Sam to attempt a new world record for the world’s longest on-screen television kiss. Afraid of heights and holding on for dear life, Sam went in for an intimate pash that lasted for a whopping four minutes and ten  seconds, beating the current world record by 30 seconds.

As they came down from the high, Sam and Nina enjoyed a glass of champagne as they got to know each other better. After an honest chat about life and love, Sam admitted he felt a connection with Nina and handed the 28-year-old wedding planner a rose.

On the  group date, excitement bubbled over as the competition for extra time with Sam reached fever pitch. Looking for his own Sporty Spice, Sam arranged a game of bubble soccer at Sydney’s Olympic Park for Snezana, Sandra, Bec, Ebru, Sarah, Jacinda, Heather and Jasmin.

As the girls bumped their way through a competitive four quarters, it was the green team of Sandra, Ebru, Bec and Jasmin who took the win and an invitation to a Mexican-themed victory party with Sam.

While the festivities kicked off and the margaritas flowed, Sam took Sandra aside for a chat to explore his feelings and see if she was the right girl for him.

The following evening, after another eventful cocktail party at the mansion, it was Sandra who was farewelled from the mansion  during a tense rose ceremony.

Sandra, 27, a primary school teacher from Victoria, said: “I’m not quite sure why Sam didn’t give me a rose. I honestly was 100% true to who I am and if that’s not good enough for Sam then, you know, bad luck for Sam.”