Sam says farewell to two Bachelors

Sam says farewell to two Bachelors

The race for Sam Frost’s heart reached the halfway mark as the final six were revealed.

On an elegant night out with a James Bond theme, tradie Davey and air cabin manager Tony met Sam on a luxury yacht for the dreaded two-for-one single date.

Over a game of roulette and a candlelit dinner, Sam asked both Bachelors to show her a different side of their personalities. However, when Tony failed to embrace the lighter side of things, Sam decided it was time for the serious Queenslander to leave the show.

After his departure, Tony said: “It was quite a challenging evening being two men trying to get the attention of one woman, but in terms of someone being more genuine in looking for love, I think I would have been the better choice.”

On tonight’s group date, the remaining Bachelors were asked to provide the entertainment for a child’s birthday party.

While Sasha, Kayne and Richie were the favourites among the children, soccer player Michael made the biggest impression on the Bachelorette, which resulted in alone time at the end of the day.

Despite his strong performance on the group date, Sam decided to not take Kayne any further on her journey towards love.

On his departure, Kayne said: “I would have loved to have got to know her a bit more and show her other sides of me… obviously because I had more to offer, but that’s the game

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