Sam Lives To Murder Another Day.

Deceit. Lies. Betrayal. Just your ordinary day in the mansion. Here is what went down on tonight’s killer instalment of The Traitors.

Annabel arrived to breakfast suspicious over Blake’s behaviour last night. Despite not having a friendship with Ian, Blake reacted dramatically to his banishment, convincing her that Blake was a Traitor trying to blend in.  

Newly forged Faithful alliance, Luke and Annabel, turned their sights to Traitor Blake, hoping he would be an easier target to take down than Traitor Sam who has shrewdly pretended to be a successful Traitor Hunter.  

In a torturous mission, the 11 remaining Faithfuls and Traitors won a total of $12,000 for the prize pot. After Blake retrieved the Shield from the Armoury, Annabel and Luke realised they would be left exposed for murder.

As Annabel hustled for numbers, she floated Blake’s name to Sam and was surprised to hear he too is keen to take down his fellow Traitor. However, it’s Annabel’s attempts to convince the Faithfuls that raised suspicion on her.

At Banishment, Annabel and Luke tried their best to convince the Faithfuls that Blake was a Traitor, but fearing a losing battle, the pair dropped a bombshell and exposed Sam as the second Traitor. It was a show down between Annabel and Sam but the game was over for Annabel when Sam’s new connection Hannah came to his rescue. The Faithfuls banished Annabel and Sam lived to murder another day.  

At Traitor’s Tower, Blake confronted Sam – infuriated that he was potentially going to join Annabel and Luke on the vote against him. Sam consoled Blake that if he wanted Blake gone, he would have been Banished, because Sam “never misses”.

Luke was now their new target, but will murdering him expose Sam and Blake as the Traitors? Find out, when The Traitors continues tomorrow night.


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