Sam gets Frosty as the Bro Code is broken

Sam gets Frosty as the Bro Code is broken

Well that was certainly interesting but before we get to the interesting smackdown there are dates to be had.

For the first single date of the series, Sam chose to take NSW plumber Dave on the ultimate guy’s date. After an exhilarating helicopter ride over Sydney, they landed in the middle of the Sydney Cricket Ground and were met on the pitch by Australian cricketer, Doug Bollinger. After receiving a fast ball from Doug, Sam and Dave shared an intimate wine on the pitch at twilight that resulted in a smitten Sam asking Dave to accept a rose.

Later, Sam asked eight Bachelors to take a leap of faith for her at the picturesque Hawkesbury River.

As the boys set out to impress Sam, it was a cautious Drew who got Sam’s attention. His phobia of jumping into water intrigued Sam who rewarded him with some alone time.


As the Bachelors prepared to battle it out at the cocktail party, international model David broke the “bro-code” by abruptly interrupting Sam’s one-on-one time with professional soccer player Michael. David told Sam she should be giving the s         ame attention to the other Bachelors as she was to the Bachelor with the most fame and fortune, Michael but not before giving him a serve saying if that was his opinion of her he should leave. He left but not before trying to get the upper hand by saying he was glad he didn’t get a rose which results in Sam telling him it’s been a pleasure whilst rolling her eyes.

David said: “Sam got upset that I wanted to stick up for the boys and give everyone a chance for one-on-one time with her. It wasn’t my intention to cause any drama between her and I. If I would change anything, I wouldn’t have broken into their conversation.”