Sam Dastyari Farewells The Jungle.

From fresh faces to busted up ones, last nights dramatic episode of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!, had it all.

Justin Lacko and Jacqui took part in Sunday Slam, a crazy obstacle course where they had to haul themselves past slips, slides, pits and gigantic boulders to collect 12 stars for camp.

Last week saw Justin’s modelling career at risk over a scratched up nose, and this week, it was Jacqui who took a heavy hit to the head.

With a significant bump that even caught the attention of Dr. Chris Brown (even though he is a vet!), it was decided Jacqui needed urgent medical attention and she was whisked away in an ambulance.

Bruised up but never one to back down, tough-as-nails Jacqui was given the all clear and returned to camp. Later, Jacqui re-entered the firing line, as a robust debate took place in camp over Australia Day.

While Sam and Yvie were very vocal about changing the date of the national holiday to acknowledge all Australians, an outspoken Jacqui disagreed.

Shane Crawford continued to sleep walk, and Justin continued to talk nonsense, this time about overweight people complaining that they couldn’t find clothes to fit them .

Later in the show, Chris and Julia announced that disgraced politician Sam Dastyari was the second celebrity to be voted out of the jungle.

Shamelessly opinionated and highly-animated, Sam was paramount to all camp conversations. As expected, Sam came to several blows with his political counterpart Jacqui over very different opinions on topics such as capital punishment and Australia Day. Sam also called out Jacqui on claims she was the first indigenous parliamentarian.

Sam opened up to his jungle family about his well-known political scandal and the repercussions it has had on his mental health, marriage, family and public image.

He dished the dirt on the dark side of parliament including the supposed alcohol and drug use during question time, and reflected on how an election campaign for Kevin Rudd, meant he missed the lead up to his daughter’s birth.

Sam competed in two trials, the most memorable being Meal Of Fortune, where he spluttered, gagged and vomited his way through a round table full of revolting dishes.

As Sam sashayed out of camp, Chris and Julia announced the identity of the latest jungle intruder, television royalty Katherine Kelly Lang.

Tune in tonight to see the camp’s reaction to Kelly’s arrival in camp.