Salsa Dancing, Compatibility Tests And Cocktail Kisses.

Salsa Dancing, Compatibility Tests And Cocktail Kisses.

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette Australia, 10 participants were selected for a group date around compatibility, Holly and Brooke went salsa dancing on a romantic single date.

Brooke selected Holly to join her on the second single date of the season. Picking Holly up in a vintage convertible car, Brooke surprised her with a private dancing class before the pair cosied up over a glass of wine and got to know more about each other.

Holly opened up about a long-term relationship that she was in when she was very young, which hindered her from knowing herself and what she wanted in a relationship. The women discussed their sexuality as both Brooke and Holly have been challenged by their identity. They both agreed that they are more interested in who the person is instead of their gender.

Brooke loved that Holly was self-assured and enjoyed spending the day with her. She offered her a rose which Holly accepted and the two shared a kiss.

10 of Brooke’s suitors were invited onto a group date where their compatibility would be measured to hers. The first round of the challenge involved participants going head-to-head while connected to a bungee cord in an inflatable obstacle. Each pair competed to retrieve three hearts from the centre to win the round. Jess, Emily, Steve, Kurt and Darvid came out victorious and went on to participate in the main compatibility game.

Lined up behind hearts, the five winners each had 10 strings attached to Brooke’s heart. With each correct answer, they had the opportunity to sever a string from one of the other players. The last person standing would win a rose. After a tough fought battle, it was Emily who scored the win and the rose. 

At a tense cocktail party, Darvid said he wouldn’t feel concerned if Emily still spoke to Brooke despite having a rose. Emily mentioned that her rose meant that any chat she could have at the cocktail party could be postponed which Darvid disagreed with. He thought more long term with all his interactions with Brooke while Emily thought about her interactions on a week-by-week basis.

Brooke pulled Darvid aside for a chat to show him some love after the rough time he had at the group date. Unable to hide their attraction, the pair shared a passionate kiss.

Sadly, with only 13 roses up for grabs, Ritu was sent home.


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