Sabotage, Salvage and The Stowaways.

Sabotage, Salvage and The Stowaways.

The eighth leg of The Amazing Race Australia saw teams embrace their sense of rhythm and test their patience for fishing.

As the Race began, most teams headed for the grounds of a Chinese temple to learn a complicated dragon dance for their Detour. With Holly dubbing her partner Dolor ‘Australia’s Usher’, they knew they had the challenge in the bag.


Sadly, talking up a big game fell flat for The Power Couple. The Geek and Princess, Chris and Aleisha, surprised us all with their moves and headed to the Road Block where Aleisha would have to free herself from an underwater helicopter crash simulation. Blindfolded. And upside down.


Nailing the Road Block on her first attempt despite being visibly scared, the pair headed off to their next Detour for a spot of Barramundi fishing.


The Super Sikhs finally completed their dragon dance correctly, but kindly stopped to give Dwes pep talk to mend a rift with teammate Katherine. Hugging it out, The Kimberley Cousins worked together and nailed their dance to boot.


Back at the Barramundi farm, The Stowaways finished the challenge and headed for Beau at the Pit Stop. Arriving first, they not only scored a First Class Pass (allowing them to skip the next leg without being eliminated), but they had the power play to either Salvage or Sabotage the final two teams to hit the mat.


With Dwes and Katherine choosing not to complete the helicopter Road Block, they were the final team alongside Jaskirat and Anurag. Playing strategically, MJ and Chelsea chose The Super Sikhs to Sabotage and The Kimberley Cousins to Salvage, making the next leg of the Race anyone’s game.