Ryan’s Arrival Sends The Guys Barking Mad on The Bachelorette

Ryan’s Arrival Sends The Guys Barking Mad on The Bachelorette

Putting the last Cocktail Party well and truly behind her, Angie was ready to continue her quest to find Mr. Right. But just when everything seemed calm, there was an unexpected threat that sent shockwaves through the mansion in tonight’s The Bachelorette Australia.

After feeling a spark with her very own penguin Jackson at the photoshoot,  Angie wanted to explore their connection. So, she took him on the ultimate picnic date with a twist!

Starting their day off on a high, in a helicopter, no less, Jackson could not contain his excitement. While Angie tried her best to up the romance factor, her motion sickness got the better of her.

Not one to let a little motion sickness get in the way of a romantic first date, she brushed it off (and her teeth!) and took Jackson to a whimsical picnic spot. Jackson soon put Angie’s doubts about his age to rest as they dove into a deep and meaningful conversation with Jackson assuring her that he was ready to settle down.

The rocky start to their date proved that Jackson and Angie were able to have a good time together, even when nothing was going to plan. Angie was blown away with how caring and mature Jackson was, giving him a rose and sealing the deal with a kiss.

The next day, some of the bachelors were invited to take part in ‘The Bachelorette Dog Show’. Mitch opted out of the date as he had sprained his ankle the day before, which took Angie by surprise.

Release the hounds, because walking in with the rescue dogs was Ryan, the newest contender for Angie’s heart. As someone passionate about dog rescue, it was no surprise that he and Angie had crossed paths before. The rest of the bachelors saw this as an unfair advantage and when he was announced as Angie’s partner for the day, they were less than impressed. Welcome to the dog fight Ryan.

As the dog show began, it was obvious that Ciarran and Scot were the leaders of the pack, having the best control of their dog Rusty, while also having fun. Angie chose Ciarran for some extra one on one time, wanting to know if he was just a show pony, or if they could connect on a deeper level.

There were lots of LOL’s during the date and it didn’t take long before Ciarran revealed that he used to be a dancer at a bar, and that he had gotten a nose job. Angie loved how eccentric he was and that he was unapologetically himself, giving him a rose. He didn’t go in for a kiss, but we all know “good things come to those who wait”.

At the Cocktail Party, the boys made a pact to let “Angie take the reins” and decide who she wanted to spend time with that night. However, seeing Angie grab Ryan for a chat was too much for Jamie to contend with and it didn’t take long before he broke the truce sending the boys into a frenzy.

Soon after, Angie approached Mitch to find out why he bailed on the group date. She was miffed by the fact that he didn’t even bother showing up. Mitch sulked that he had spent barely any time with Angie and gave her an ultimatum, saying that if she did not see him standing at the end with her, he did not want to receive a rose that night. His fate was sealed.

At the Rose Ceremony, with only 15 roses to hand out, Angie said goodbye to 25-year-old Western Australian Luxury Car Salesman, Kayde and 31-yearold, Queensland Apprentice Plumber Mitch.