Rush Jets off to Jordan

Rush Jets off to Jordan

The RUSH continues as Team Navy, Team Gold and Team Scarlet embark on their next globetrotting adventure – Jordan – a far cry from the bustlying streets of Turkey and chaos of Brazil.

The teams are dropped with complete sensory deprivation into the vast and unforgiving landscape of the Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan. Armed with only a map and compass, they must rely on their navigational skills and teamwork to make it to the Escape Zone in the Ancient City of Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

After the drop, Team Scarlet are in good spirits with Hamish, Fiona and Adam all determined to win another leg of the race. The only thing in their way is Adam, who is a fish out of water – he hates the desert and sand and is dragging his feet. A confident Team Navy (the only team of four) set off into the desert blind, having not checked their backpacks for their compass and map!

The teams try to decipher the cryptic clue and search the desert. Team Gold who are now a team of three, after coming last in Turkey, make a miraculous comeback and are the first to find Dave Genat “DG” at Pyramid Rock. DG hands over the dossier instructing Saxon, Lola and CK they’ll be relying on the hospitality of the Jordanian locals before completing the mission the next day. Team Scarlet are the second team to find DG and like Team Gold, set off looking for a traditional Bedouin Camp who is willing to host them for the night.

Meanwhile, Team Navy are in a world of pain – they eventually find the compass and map in their backpacks, but after four hours of walking in the heat and sun, realise Tylen has been reading the compass incorrectly. Frustrated and helpless, tension flairs and cracks begin to form within the group with Madi being the most vocal of the team. Tommy steps in, and after hours of walking aimelssley, manages to guide them to DG.

Team Gold find their Bedouin camp first, followed by Team Scarlet who are welcomed into the family’s home. Through interactions with their Bedouin hosts, Team Gold learn of the region’s rich heritage while they sip on camel milk and coffee. CK clocks the blossoming bond between Lola and Saxon. He’s worried he’s on the outer and as “the third wheel”, will be voted off next. It goes from bad to worse for Team Navy as they fail to reach a Bedouin camp in time and are forced to sleep rough in the middle of the desert with nothing but themselves to keep them warm.

It’s day two in the desert and the compeititon is heating up as teams must make their way out of Wadi Rum to the Escape Zone in Ancient City of Petra. Team Gold face a set back when their Bedouin host, Ali, must run an errand delaying their departure. This costs them the lead and Team Scarlet end up leaving the desert first. Having failed to check into a Bedouin camp the night before and after a rough night under the stars, Team Navy must now wander the desert in search of a ride.

Team Scarlet are the first to reach the majestic city of Petra, and begin the hike up to the High Place of Sacrifice to take a selfie with the circular stone altar. They must then sprint to the Escape Zone at the Monastery, an iconic sandstone cut temple located in the hills of Petra. As Team Scarlet are making their way down they bump into Team Gold, who realise they are now no longer in the lead, which sends CK into a downward spiral. They have yet to see Team Navy, so they could potentially be coming last! The race is on. Team Scarlet reach DG first, and Team Gold are second place – much to CK’s relief!

Team Navy are the last team to complete their mission. As the sun sets over Petra, they get lost yet again on their way to the Monastery and DG is forced to step in. They reach DG tired and defeated – someone will be going home. A resigned Madi puts her hand up and quits, leaving her teammates shocked but relieved to be safe and onto the next country.


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