Rush heads to Bangkok

Team Navy, Team Scarlet and Team Gold are dropped into their next adventure, Thailand. The three teams deprived of sight and sound remove their goggles to find themselves in the pulsating, electrifying, turbo charged Khaosan Road, Bangkok, where over 18 million tourists visit each year. Teams are overwhelmed with thumping music, dancing tourists and locals, and exotic street food.

As everyone dances, the race begins as host David Genat “DG” sends a cryptic clue to all teams – “At the tallest tree in the centre of town, you’ll find me on the roof just don’t look down”. Team Gold bolt off and, after speaking with some tourists, Team Gold deducts that the clue will lead them to the Banyan Tree hotel.

Team Navy is struggling as they have been rocked with the revelation that their teammate Tommy has had to leave the competition due to a family emergency and won’t be able to continue in the competition. Sofia and Tylen are down to a team of two – they must navigate this new dynamic and try their hardest to barter with the drivers, but their attempts are in vain as no one will accept the price Sofia offers.

Team Scarlet is struggling to leave Khaosan Road, with teammate Fiona wanting to stop and enjoy all the cuisine that is on offer. Team leader Hamish wants to get Scarlet their fourth win in a row and is worried that Fiona is slowing them down. Fiona wanting to stop and “smell the roses” are the least of their worries as their interpretation of the clue send them on a wild goose chase to the wrong location.

At the Banyan Tree Hotel, Team Gold arrives and goes to the roof and are first to receive their dossier from DG. They read that their check in location is locked behind another cryptic clue – “The name of your hotel was what Thailand was once called until 1939. Hint: Out with the old, in the with the new.” They deduce that the hotel is called New Siam.

Team Navy finally finds a taxi and set off towards the Banyan Tree Hotel, passing Team Scarlet, who are still on foot looking for an actual tree. However, Team Navy’s taxi breaks down and Sofia’s attempts to wave down a taxi proves fruitless. As Team Scarlet reach the park, they realise their mistake and duck into a convenience store to ask for some help. They realise the clue meant the Banyan Tree Hotel and find a taxi to take them there, while Team Navy finally gets a new taxi to take them the rest of the way.

Team Scarlet are second to arrive to the Banyan Tree Hotel and Team Navy are last. The race is on to get to the New Siam hotel and get some much-needed rest. Team Gold arrives first to the New Siam Riverside hotel; however their watch doesn’t ping to congratulate them for coming first. As they question where they need to go, the hotel concierge drops a major bomb – there are FIVE New Siam hotels.

Each team struggles with finding the correct hotel, and Teams Navy and Scarlet keep crossing paths on their search. Team Gold have walked around the area and try their luck at the New Siam II hotel and get confirmation that they are first to check in. Team Navy is the second team to find the correct hotel, and Team Scarlet check in last.

The next day, Teams Gold and Navy travel to the airport in preparation for their flight to Krabi. Team Scarlet, while trying to hail a taxi, realise a critical mistake has been made – team leader Hamish has lost the dossier. Blaming the others, he frantically searches his pockets and bags, and with time ticking down until boarding closes at the airport, the team is stressed. Thankfully, the dossier was only lost halfway down the street behind them, but Fiona and Adam are less than pleased with Hamish’s actions and blame game. The team make it to the airport in the nick of time.

As Team Gold were the first to the airport, they are first to prepare for their mission location – Khamin Cave. But strategy manager CK wants to try and slow the other teams down, and he convinces the attendant to not help the other teams. Wanting to increase their chances of getting a taxi quickly, they go to a shop down the road and book a second taxi. Teams Navy and Scarlet struggle with getting a taxi, and another opportunity presents itself to Team Gold – they can sell one of their taxis and get some extra money. They sell the second taxi to Team Scarlet, and as their first taxi arrives, Team Gold takes off.

Team Navy, after getting a taxi, have driven to the national park and approach a ticket information kiosk where they learn they’ve gone to the wrong entrance – they’re a whopping 25 kilometres away from the correct entrance. As they turn around in the right direction determined to make it to Khamin Cave, Team Scarlet have made the same mistake passing Team Navy and continuing deeper into the park.

Team Navy arrives at Khamin Cave in search of their garland, but the bats circling around freaks Sofia out and they hurry further into the cave. They are first to find their garland, while Team Gold finds theirs shortly after. Meanwhile, Team Scarlet have walked further into the national park and don’t realise their mistake until they each a dead end with nowhere to go – their only option is to turn around.

Teams Gold and Navy rush to the Escape Zone, located on Ko-Kai, fondly named Chicken Island. As they sail across the Andaman Sea, Team Gold is the first to reach DG and score their first country win! CK and Lola are elated. Team Navy arrives in a close second, no one will be going home today. Team Scarlet, still lost in the rainforest and hours behind, receive a message from DG letting them know the race has ended for them. After three wins in a row, one of Team Scarlet will be going home tonight. As the team arrives at Swordfish Sculpture in Krabi, it’s a heartfelt and emotional elimination with Fiona making the ultimate sacrifice. Unable to send either of her boys’ home, Fiona takes herself out of the competition, allowing Adam and Hamish to continue in the adventure and competition. As the boys leave for the next country, Fiona cries, saying she’ll miss the boys…but it’s the right decision for her and her team


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