Rupert Grint cast in comdey

Rupert Grint cast in comdey

This news is just magical  Rupert Grint, best known as young wizard Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films, has landed the lead role in a comedy pilot for CBS.

Rupert will play the lead burger-flipper in CBS’ comedy pilot Super Clyde

The single-camera project from Raising Hope writer/EP Greg Garcia follows a meek fast food worker who decides to become a super hero.

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  1. rupert grint in a comedy, i don’t know. He delivered his lines really well in harry potter, but then again the character called for humour through fear especially when it had to do with spiders haha!
    but then again, when he does deliver lines that are made to be comedic they sometimes come across as just him delivering dialogue. Although he is a really versatile actor! he very well could pull off the new role!
    The whole thing with the burger flipper becoming a super hero idea though, i’m not 100% sold on it. to me it sounds like, if spiderman wasn’t going to be spiderman this would be his back up option haha!
    It also gives off the vibe of that “super hero movie” that had Josh from Drake and Josh and look how that turned out…didn’t go well in cinemas at all and DVD sales of it were SHOCKING! BUT then again, the writer for this show is from Raising Hope, and that show is pretty well done so it could work out for him!
    When i get my hands on some promo stuff i’ll come back with my thoughts 🙂

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