Rouge Comes to Soho

Rouge Comes to Soho

A new Canadian series is comes  to Soho and it has an intriguing premise.

Called Rouge it stars Thandie Newton, and already has a third season in production. This season has just 10 episodes and aired in 2013.

On the orders of a corrupt general, Ethan Kelly heads to Chicago to infiltrate the firm of one of the city’s most notorious attorneys and power brokers Marty Abrams, but he quickly learns that Marty’s dealings extend from the boardroom into the dangerous world of one of the city’s most feared gangs. Convinced that Ethan holds the key to her survival, Grace Travis goes rogue again, teaming up with this shrewd operative to bring down the people who murdered her son. But, when a reporter on the brink of discovering the depths of Marty’s corruption winds up dead, seemingly separate incidences are intertwined and ultimately reveal a powerful conspiracy linking corporate empires to the seedy side of the streets.

Mondays from August 3 at 9.20pm on SoHo.


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