Ronnie Returns to The Block

It’s two days to kitchen reveals and everyone is working hard to finish.

Christian Cole the famous furniture designer has arrived at The Block, he is making Scotty a bespoke chopping board that will run the entire length of his kitchen island in his house.

Keith is furious at Omar and Oz, he discovers a major defect in one of the bathroom roofs. It hasn’t been built properly and the gyprock could one day collapse. Keith is very serious, he has had enough of Omar and Oz.

Block royalty Ronnie rocks up to The Block in a limo and heads straight to Ankur and Sharon in House No.3 to give them a painting lesson and a pep talk. Rachel gets wind of it and she visits and later on is not happy at all. She feels Ankur and Sharon are getting special treatment because they threatened to leave The Block last week.  She doesn’t feel it’s a level playing field.

Ronnie also visits Omar and Oz and counts 17 trades. What is going on with the boys he wonders, how can they afford it?

Tom and Sarah-Jane go to Suncorp to get approval for their Game Changer. It’s a fully contained retreat near the dam on their house.

At the Friday night drinks Ronnie stirs the pot when Omar and Oz aren’t there. He says there is no way they could be affording all their trades and something dodgy is going on. Tom says he has seen people at all hours of the night go to House No.5 and is suspicious. Sharon drops a bomb, she’s heard Omar and Oz fire tradies then block their phone numbers. Ronnie said there’s no use complaining and the contestants should bring it up.

But will they have the guts?

Ankur and Sharon win the $1,000 antique valuing challenge, which upsets Rachel as she feels like they are getting too good a run.

Rachel’s fury is growing, she doesn’t think The Block is a level playing field.  She breaks down, The Block is not what she thought it would be.


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