Rolf Harris special Bumps Chicago Fire

Rolf Harris special Bumps Chicago Fire

Given the verdict in the Rolf Harris trial Seven has issued a quick amendment to tonight’s schedule.

At 9:30 tonight Seven will screen the special Rolf Harris Dark Star

Hosted by Melissa Doyle with live crosses to Europe correspondent Hugh Whitfeld in London, Rolf Harris: Dark Star will feature investigative reports by Seven News senior reporters and interviews with the key British figures involved in uncovering abuse in the UK.

We hear from an Australian woman who was attacked by Harris at the age of 14. Now 50, she speaks for the first time about the day Harris stole her innocence and, she says, ruined her life. The woman was interviewed by Scotland Yard as part of Operation Yewtree which ensnared the Australian icon. Her recollections are a harrowing account of how Harris groomed his victims – and groomed the world into thinking he was a lovable star of stage and screen.

Seven News takes a critical look at the culture of silence and cover-up which enabled Harris – and others – to prey on innocent children in full view of so many in show business for several decades. Our team explores what it all means for his legend and legacy. Already Harris’ artwork is being ripped down as he prepares for life behind bars.

As fans lament his fall from grace, victims and investigators say they’ve been vindicated. We speak exclusively to the man who triggered the investigation into some of the big gest names in entertainment including famous children’s entertainer Jimmy Savile, pop legend Gary Glitter and celebrity publicist Max Clifford. And, finally, we meet his oldest and dearest friends. Why they – like so many – will never accept that Rolf Harris is now the worst kind of criminal: a child sex offender.

Seven News Special – Rolf Harris: Dark Star airs tonight on Channel Seven at 9.30.

A single episode of Chicago Fire will follow at 10:30 PM



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