Riptide Review

Riptide Review

Tonight 10 unveils its next Australian drama for 2023 with Riptide.

Riptide tells the story of newlyweds Alison (Jo Joyner, Stay Close) and Sean (Peter O’Brien, ), Alison’s rebellious daughter Hannah (Asher Yasbincek, Heartbreak High) and Sean’s son Ethan (Benny Turland, Neighbours), who is less than enthusiastic at the new blended family while at a family dinner with his boyfriend Jesse (Benjamin Samaddar).

Ethan holds a grudge, blaming Alison for the split of his family, considers Alison and Hannah to be gold diggers and now lives with his mother, Rachel (Ally Fowler, Wentworth). Meanwhile, Hannah’s father, Michael (Ciaran Griffiths, Shameless) is also living close by and is a thorn in the newlyweds’ side- he sees Sean as an obstacle to getting Alison back.

Despite it all, the newlyweds are determined to make it work… until Sean disappears after a routine morning surf. The tragedy uncovers the true colours of those closest to him and we’re left wondering- did Sean really drown in the rip or was it something more sinister?

Also of note is Ethan using images of Hannah circulating around school to blackmail Alison, while recently widowed neighbour Dan (David Berry, Outlander) is there to help Alison through the grief.

The cast is compelling, with Turland fresh off his Neighbours stint as the charming Hendrix he is given a bit more of a complex character to sink his teeth into. Yasbincek is also intriguing enough to make me curious as to where this role ends up.

Creator, Executive Producer and Writer Jason Herbison has an interesting premise and provides enough twists to engage viewers who need a mystery to solve in the colder months. Riptide certainly delivers.

4 stars

Riptide airs 8:40pm Wednesday on 10.


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