Rio 2016 Broadcast guide

Rio 2016 Broadcast guide

Seven has confirmed a lot of details about it’s upcoming Rio telecast.

For the first time in Australian free-to-air television history, three channels – 7, 7TWO and 7mate – will carry Olympic coverage and, on Channel 70, the coverage will be available in HD. Our Olympics on 7

Our Olympics on 7 app and website ( will offer all three of seven’s broadcast channels for free, plus extra content. And every moment of the Games will be available live to all Australians across connected devices, with a premium upgrade option that includes more than 3,000 hours of live event coverage and a total of more than 5,000 hours of coverage delivered by Seven for all Australians.

Kerry Stokes, Chairman Seven West Media:

“Just as in Melbourne in 1956 and our first Olympic Games coverage, when people crowded around their television sets – and the streets were silent – so it was when this country again stopped for those 17 remarkable days of the Olympic Games in 2000, and as it will be for Rio.
We are committed to the Olympic Games in Rio. It will be an extraordinary event – one we will see unfold live, as it happens, across broadcast television and connected devices. We are also committed to Australian sport. And we are determined to deliver a quality broadcast which embraces these ideals and reflects Australia’s regard for its sportsmen and women.”

Tim Worner, CEO Seven West Media:

“The Olympic Games are undoubtedly the greatest show on earth. They are about a commitment to excellence that has invigorated us as a company.
For 17 days, across broadcast television, all screens, in print and on mobile and social platforms, we will connect with all Australians.
It is a remarkable opportunity for Seven West Media as we march forward as a company, developing new content and building new businesses which will drive our future as Australia’s leading multiple platform media company.
We are expanding our array of online and mobile products and will soon unveil more plans to maximise the delivery of our great television content to more screens.”

Saul Shtein, Head of Sport, Seven:

“The Olympic Games are what television does best. So, how will we cover them? Well, our team of more than 450 knows this: The Olympic Games are the ultimate – the time and place to be our best. And we will be live for every moment.
We recognise that it is the athletes who will tell their own story and it is they who will ultimately determine our television coverage. Our responsibility is to enhance and amplify their performances and their stories – not overwhelm them.
We will have the most extraordinary technology in place. We will have a commentary team led by Bruce McAvaney, the best Olympic Games broadcaster in the business.
We will be there, to take you there. The athletes’ performances and their reactions speak for themselves. You will see coverage that employs some new camera technologies and you will notice our approach to commentary where we will let our vision tell the story.”

The Games of the XXXI Olympiad are live on Seven. It is the biggest event on television and

Seven will capture every moment in the biggest production and technology undertaking since the network’s coverage of The Games of the XXVII Olympiad in Sydney.


The time difference between Rio and Australia presents an enticing opportunity for Seven – a Games coverage where we are presenting live coverage of the Olympic Games for up to 16 hours each day, stretching across primetime into early morning and then through to the market-leading Sunrise followed by an exhilarating mid-morning of competition: every moment is a prime time moment.


Hosted by Hamish McLachlan, In Rio Today will air nightly from 7pm AEST August 6-21. The centrepiece of Seven’s Rio 2016 coverage, In Rio Today will feature the major Australian and international events from the previous day and all the emotion and reactions from athletes, coaches and families in Australia and Rio.

It will also examine our medal chances and look forward to the events to feature in Seven’s coverage in the day ahead. Viewers will have no doubt when and where to find their favourite athletes, sports and events when live competition starts at approximately 10pm AEST each night. In Rio Today will contain Olympic Updates and Buzz from Brazil, plus athlete and team profiles to preview their performances later in the evening, Australian time.

Contributions from Seven’s commentators, plus feature pieces filmed in Rio with Aussie fans and families, will also highlight the colour and appeal of the host city.


The Seven News crew for Rio 2016 will be headed up by Chris Reason. He will lead a team of reporters based in Barra Olympic Park including Alex Hart, Laurel Irving, Tom Browne and Blake Johnson, while Mike Amor and Lee Jeloscek will be keeping across events and news happening around Copacabana.

The entire team will be live from several locations throughout Rio during the Olympic Games. The newsroom will operate 24 hours a day from the International Broadcast Centre in Barra to cover events as they happen and be ready to go live into our 6pm Seven News bulletins at home.


The Sunrise journey begins on Monday, August 1 when the team broadcasts live from the world famous Copacabana Beach in Brazil. They’ll tour the venues, chat to our athletes and sample the sights and sounds of Rio.

Then from Monday, August 8, Brekky Central becomes “Games Central”. The Sunrise team will be joined by a panel of experts including Leisel Jones, Eamon Sullivan, Lisa Curry, Melinda Gainsford-Taylor, Jana Pittman and Robbie McEwen, while relatives of our Olympians will form a massive Aussie cheer squad in our specially-themed studio each day.

Sunrise is Australia’s only breakfast television show which can cross live to Olympic events as they happen and all the big medal wins – if it’s happening in Rio, you’ll see it live. Plus, only Sunrise will have your full wrap up of all the Olympic action while you were sleeping.

Then, when Aussies strike gold, their first stop for post competition interviews in the morning will be Sunrise. And only Sunrise can take you inside the Athletes’ Village each day.

But the close of the Games doesn’t spell the end of our coverage. Sunrise will also broadcast live from Sydney Airport on Wednesday August 24 to welcome home our winning Aussie team.


Olympic gold medallist Matthew Mitcham and Seven personality Teigan Nash have joined Seven’s Rio 2016 broadcast team to present Buzz From Brazil, a daily program containing a snapshot of what’s happening across social media in and around the Games.

Buzz From Brazil will screen across the Channels of Seven including premiere airings during Seven’s primetime show, In Rio Today. Buzz will also be showcased across the 7Olympics social platforms each day of the Olympic Games, highlighting the best viral video, tweets, posts and  social content from athletes and fans both in Rio and back home.

Rio 2016 is the first truly mobile and social Olympic Games. As athletes and fans alike flock to social, so too Seven will be front and centre – bringing unique content to our audience across all platforms and leveraging our position as rights holder for the best access to viral video content.

Commentary team

Seven’s host and commentary team brings extraordinary broadcasting experience and expertise across the wide range of Olympic sports, including 16 Olympians.

Seven’s coverage will once again see Bruce McAvaney – acknowledged as one of the world’s best sports and Olympic broadcasters – cover the big ticket events at the Games: the ceremonies and athletics. It will be McAvaney’s 10th Olympic Games.

Seven’s team features nine Olympic gold medalists: Steve Hooker, Giaan Rooney, Scott McGrory, Rechelle Hawkes, Russell Mark, Debbie Watson, Drew Ginn, Todd Woodbridge and Kerri Pottharst.

Olympians Lauren Jackson, Andrew Gaze, Tamsyn Lewis, Dave Culbert, Kate Bates, Loudy Wiggins and Vicki Roycroft also headline Seven’s coverage.

In addition to Seven’s distinguished commentary team, Seven will be drawing on the best international commentators in the world via the BBC and Olympic Broadcasting Service.

Daily Schedule Augest 6-22

Channel 7
Rio 2016 Overnight – Live:
Overnight action from the Games of the XXXI Olympiad, hosted by Mel McLaughlin and Todd Woodbridge.

0000-0600 7TWO
0000-0600 7mate
Rio 2016 Overnight – Live:
Live Olympic action from Rio de Janeiro featuring Australian athletes and gold medal events across the channels of Seven.

0530-0900 (Mon-Fri) Channel 7
Australia’s only breakfast television show with live coverage of Olympic Games events as they happen and all the big medal wins. Plus, your full wrap up of the Olympic action while you were sleeping and when Aussies strike gold, their first stop for post-competition interviews in the morning will be Sunrise. Mark Beretta and Edwina Bartholomew are onground in Rio, while Samantha Armytage, David Koch and Natalie Barr are joined in the studio by relatives of our Olympians and a panel of experts including Leisel Jones, Eamon Sullivan, Lisa Curry, Melinda Gainsford- Taylor, Jana Pittman and Robbie McEwen.

0600-0900 7TWO
0600-0900 7mate
Rio 2016 Morning- Live:
Live Olympic action from Rio de Janeiro featuring Australian athletes and gold medal events across the channels of Seven.

0900-1400 (Mon-Fri)
0530-1400 (Sat-Sun)
Channel 7
Rio 2016 Day – Live:
Live competition from the Games of the XXXI Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, including swimming and athletics finals. Hosted by Jim Wilson.

0900-1200 7TWO
0900-1200 7mate
Rio 2016 Day – Live:
Live Olympic action from Rio de Janeiro featuring Australian athletes and gold medal events across the channels of Seven.

1400-1700 (Mon-Fri) Channel 7
1400-1800 (Sat-Sun) Channel 7
Rio 2016 Highlights:
Host Kylie Gillies recaps each day of Olympic competition including plenty of Australians and gold medal moments.

1700-1800 (Mon-Fri) Channel 7
The Chase Australia:
Host Andrew O’Keefe brings you Australia’s biggest general knowledge game show.

1800-1900 Channel 7
Seven News:
Live and comprehensive coverage of breaking news and local, national and international top stories, plus Sport, Finance and Weather updates and all the latest from the Olympic Games.

1900-2100 Channel 7
In Rio Today:
Host Hamish McLachlan shares all the golden moments and Australian performances each day of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games – every Aussie medal, every reaction, every unmissable moment.

1930-2130 7TWO
1930-2200 7mate
Rio 2016 Highlights:
Relive some of the best events from the Games of the XXXI Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro.

2100-2230 Channel 7
Rio 2016 Evening:
Host Hamish McLachlan gears up for a day of Olympic action. 10,500 athletes are chasing 306 gold medals across the 16 days of competition in Rio de Janeiro. Includes some live action.

2230-2400 Channel 7
Rio 2016 Late Night -Live:
As Rio wakes up, Olympic competition kicks straight into gear. Who will be crowned an Olympic champion today? Hosted by Mel McLaughlin.

2130-0000 7TWO
2200-0000 7mate
Rio 2016 Late Night -Live:
Live Olympic action from the Games of the XXXI Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro featuring Australian athletes and gold medal events across the channels of Seven.

Please Note

Times will vary slightly each day
Check EPG/program guides for daily event and medal highlights
August 22 features final medal events and the Closing Ceremony (AM), followed by non-Olympic programming (PM)