Rings and Lies take over Paradise

Rings and Lies take over Paradise

Bacheloe in Paradise dropped a whole lot of closure in a big episode last night.

After Osher announced that there were no new singles crashing Paradise, friend-zoned mates Keira and Alex decided it was their time to leave.

Surrounded by piles of bamboo and rope, the remaining couples were given a challenge to build a raft together and paddle around a buoy. Little did they know, they had the ‘human lie detector’ Steve Van Aperen analysing their every move.

Later, the Paradise pairs sat down for a meeting with Steve. Individually and as a couple, he assessed their mannerisms and body language, to see if they were being truthful in their answers.

Mary expressed her fears to Steve about getting into a new relationship, but Conor had no hesitation in saying he was ready for kids, proving how dedicated he was to Mary.

While Scot and Mia’s individual chats reiterated how new their relationship was, Alisha and Glenn were clearly smitten and proved confident in their chat.

In speaking with Steve, Matt revealed that he was worried Renee may not be completely over Ciarran and when Renee spoke with Steve on her own, he wasn’t convinced either.

Next up was Ciarran, who shoulder-shrugged his way through the questions. Steve explained that Ciarran’s body language didn’t match his verbal answers.

Kiki and Ciarran both sat down with Steve, and after questions of timeframes, arrangements and monogamy, his professional opinion was that their relationship felt staged

Taking Renee aside from the group, Ciarran started to flatter her before she took a stance, explaining how he had disrespected her with his behaviour.

Alisha found Renee upset in her room and asked if she had come to Paradise thinking that she and Ciarran would get back together. Renee admitted that’s what he had assured her, and explained it was why she came to Paradise with a ring for his birthday, in hope of reconciliation.

Running into the ocean alongside Alisha in her clothes, Renee tossed the ring into the ocean, yelling “goodbye to the old and hello to the new”.  At the cocktail party, Matt had noticed a change in Renee. She explained that Steve had helped her move on and after opening up to him about the ring, said she was feeling liberated.

While Kiki felt her chemistry with Ciarran was undeniable, she was wary about whether she could trust him.