Richie Declares His Love For Alex

Richie Declares His Love For Alex

It was time for Richie to make his choice last night.

In the unforgettable and dramatic season finale of The Bachelor Australia, Richie introduced Alex and Nikki to his family and planned one last date for each of the ladies before he faced the biggest decision of his life.


As Richie embarked on the final stages of his epic adventure, he was happy to be reunited with his mother Kate and sister Alana, who flew to Bali to meet the lucky ladies he had chosen as his final two.

Alex and Nikki were understandably nervous, but after the introductions, both Bachelorettes impressed Richie’s loved ones in their own individual way.

While Alex raised some concerns with Kate after revealing she has a five-year-old son, the pair had a good chat and found some common ground. Alana was blown away by Nikki, letting Richie know that he could not have chosen two more amazing girls.

With his family’s tick of approval, Richie prepared for his final dates for Alex and Nikki before he faced the difficult decision.

Nikki, a self-professed romantic, was picked up in a helicopter bound for the mountains. After a walk through a moss-covered temple and monkey forest, the couple returned to town for a glass of wine and an intimate chat. Alex’s date with Richie began with a yacht on the high seas. As they playfully swam in the ocean and sipped champagne, Alex worked up the courage to tell Richie that she had fallen in love with him.

After two perfect dates, Richie knew he had built special, unique relationships with both ladies. But when it comes to fairy tale endings, there can be only one.

Would it be Alex, who impressed Richie so much that she received the coveted white rose, or Nikki, the vivacious country girl from Western Australia who Richie took on the very first single date?

Later on, Richie anxiously awaited the arrival of the Bachelorettes. When Nikki arrived first he told her wholeheartedly that she was the perfect girl – family-orientated, fun and romantic – but unfortunately he needed to follow his heart and his heart was with Alex.

After a hug, Nikki held her head high, wished Richie well and left the hotel. She took a moment to compose herself in the car before admitting she was broken-hearted.

Nikki, 28, a real estate agent from Perth, said: “I don’t have any hard feelings towards Richie. He has been awesome. Richie’s made the right decision for him and for his heart. That’s what this journey was all about for him. “I wouldn’t change anything. I don’t regret anything. What he has with Alex must be really, really special and I know that they will be incredibly happy together. I still love Richie, so this will take a while to get over,” she said.

Richie moved on to the moment he had been waiting for. When Alex arrived he knew it felt right. This was the moment they would start their future together. After an emotional declaration of love, Richie gave Alex a diamond friendship ring to symbolise his willingness to give her his heart and to make the relationship work. The happy couple embraced.

Alex, 24, a venue manager from Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, said: “I love how Rich makes me feel. He makes me feel alive and safe, and he just makes me so happy. I am just so happy right now. I have a gorgeous man, who I absolutely love and adore.”

Richie, 31, said: “This has been an incredible experience. It has taught me a lot about who I am as a man and it has led me to meet an amazing person. Alex is absolutely perfect and she is a part of my life now.”