Richard Hits Out at Loser production

Richard Hits Out at Loser production

The Teal team self appointed king Richard has hit back at the way he has been portrayed on the show.

in an interview with Woman’s Day Richard claims he he has been unfairly vilified and “hung out to dry” for the sake of Channel 10’s ratings and is nothing like the bully he is made out to be.

I’m a tough bloke and I can take whatever is thrown at me, but the (online) abuse my daughter has received has brought me to my knees,he says

Roach says he originally agreed to go on The Biggest Loser to help his clinically depressed daughter, who weighed 112kg and was not a social person  when the show started.But now since the series has gone to air “She’s too scared to go to work, because people are threatening to bash her. She now says this is the worst experience of her

Both father and daughter have achieved their weight goals. Richard has lost more than a third of his 139kg but says the negative reaction from Biggest Loser fans, both in public and online, has strained his relationship with his family

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The finale airs 7:30 tonight on Ten


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