RFDS Review

RFDS Review

This week Seven’s new Aussie drama RFDS: Royal Flying Doctor Service takes to the sky, but is it worth tuning in?

The series opens with the arrival of the new Senior Medical Officer Dr Eliza Harrod (Emma Hamilton The Tudors ). Eliza arrives with her teenage son Henry (Ash Hodgkinson) and is determined to make a fresh a start in Broken Hill after escaping London.

She’s welcomed into the fold by the team, which consists of Wayne Yates (Rob Collins Cleverman), a gifted doctor who has always strived for excellence and is father to teenage son Darren (Thomas Weatherall); and Pete Emerson (Stephen Peacocke Five Bedrooms), always dependable flight nurse. Then there’s pilots Mira (Ash Riccardo Bite Club) and Graham (Rodney Afif Romper Stomper), flight nurse Matty (Jack Scott Hardball), volunteer Rhiannon (Kate Mulvany Fighting Season), and Base Manager Leonie (Justine Clarke Tangle) to keep them all in line.

Creators Ian Meadows, Imogen Banks and Mark Fennessy have delivered a drama that is full of interesting characters and dramatic rescues.

The pilot script, penned by Ian Meadows (Playing For Keeps), does a great job at setting up the series and holding your attention.

Casting-wise Emma Hamilton brings Eliza to life and it’s a captivating performance that draws you in. Steve Peacocke is perfectly cast, and Rob Collins and Justine Clarke bring some star power to an already impressive cast.

With its casting and interesting characters, RFDS has the potential to stay in the sky for a while, so definitely jump on board this one.

4.5 Stars

RFDS premieres 8:40pm Wednesday, 11 August on Seven.


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