Revenge Chicago Fire update

Seven has changed their Monday line up for next week.

At 8:45 a double episode of Revenge will screen

Control / Destruction

Roadblocks seem to be mounting for Emily as Daniel’s attention is focused  elsewhere, Grayson Manor may cease  to exist, and two of the most important  people in Emily’s life start turning on  her – leading her to do something very  uncharacteristic.

Meanwhile Chicago Fire will move to 9:45  Wednesday from February 26th  and continue in double episodes pulling Marvels Agents of Shield from the schedule.

Fireworks / A Coffin That Small

Mills confronts Bennie about the fire that killed his father. Meanwhile, when a rescue attempt goes wrong, Firehouse 51 is affected by the loss of a victim. Severide changes Mills from Truck to Squad, which doesn’t sit well with the others