Revealed: The Cape gets June preimere on Stan

 Revealed: The Cape gets June preimere on Stan

Stan, today released the trailer of the brand new Stan Original Documentary Revealed: The Cape

 Produced by Wooden Horse (Mother and Son, The Clearing, Stuff the British Stole, The Other Guy, Waltzing the Dragon with Benjamin Law), with production funding from Screen Australia, Revealed: The Cape is an intimate portrayal of an isolated community touched, and forever changed, by tragedy.

The disappearance of a father and son in a tropical Australian bayou of crocodiles and mangrove swamps unravels a dynastic alliance between formidable fishing clans. 

In the fearless hands of Emmy® Award-nominated filmmakers, Michael Ware and Justine A. Rosenthal (Only the Dead), Revealed: The Cape journeys into the deep north and the human psyche to uncover what we’re capable of when our humanity is stripped bare in this fascinating portrayal of an insular and isolated community.

Director Michael Ware said: ‘Collaborating with Stan empowered us to keep alive the memories of a missing father and his 10-year-old son and to keep questioning those surrounding an unending mystery that haunts Far North Queensland. And to do so as a film, with meaning and a sense of cinema, that we’ve always hoped brings a unique sensibility to the tragedy of a disappearance almost intentionally forgotten.’
Director Justine A. Rosenthal said: ‘There is so much yet to know, so much unanswered about the events swirling about the morning Bevin and Brad Simmonds vanished off the face of the earth. We hope this film carries their story onwards and brings new vision to an agony that still scars one of Australia’s most rugged, remote, and virtually lawless regions.’

Written and directed by Justine A. Rosenthal and Michael WareRevealed: The Cape is produced by Richard Finlayson (Stuff the British Stole, Waltzing the Dragon with Benjamin Law), with executive producer Jude Troy (Mother and Son, The Clearing, The Other Guy S1&2) and associate producer Alexandra Cameron (The Clearing, Mother and Son) of Wooden Horse. The documentary is captured by Torres Strait Islander-born cinematographer Eric Murray Lui (Stan Original Series Black Snow, Top End Wedding) and edited by Karryn de Cinque (High Ground, Slim and I), with original music by Michael Yezersk (Stan Original Series Bali 2002, Mr Inbetween).

The Stan Original Documentary Revealed: The Cape is a Wooden Horse production for Stan. Principal production funding from Screen Australia in association with Stan. Financed with support from Orange Entertainment Co. International sales by Fremantle Media. Developed with assistance of Screen Queensland.

The Stan Original Documentary Revealed: The Cape will premiere June 18, only on Stan.


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