Reno Rumble undergoes changes

The next season of Reno Rumble will be undergoing a few changes this year.

In this supercharged season there will be six new couples from across Australia. They will compete in the ultimate home makeover competition, which will see them renovate two houses every week for deserving Aussie homeowners.

The couples will be split into two teams with NSW, QLD and Victoria taking on couples from South Australia and Western Australia, in the battle of the East versus the West.

The teams will hit the road and travel to the suburbs of Melbourne to renovate not one but TWO houses every week. Nominated by a Good Samaritan, these inspirational homeowners will have their dreams turned into reality as the teams from East and West transform their ordinary and often rundown houses into stunning residences.

At the end of each week the couple with the lowest score on the losing team will be eliminated until only one couple is left standing to collect the $100,000 winner’s cheque.

Shelley Craft will join host Scott Cam this season to help guide the contestants along their journey and ensure the homeowners’ hopes are fulfilled.

The finished product will be judged by internationally renowned interior design experts, Scottish duo ColinMcAllister and Justin Ryan. Known for their witty sense of humour and incredible design skills, these judges have a global following of devoted fans and they will be bringing their famous “tell it like it is” attitude and expert advice for the contestants and viewers to the Reno Rumble camp.

One thing is for sure: every week it’s an emotional battle as the contestants strive to do the right thing by the homeowners, all of whom have been through tough and trying times. And every week the worthy homeowners are astounded by the transformations.

But as the couples quickly discover, there are plenty of twists and surprises along the way in the great Reno Rumble battle.

East v West: who will reign supreme to collect the $100,000 winner’s cheque?

Representing the East are:

Sarah and Renee, QLD

Besties and fun-loving country gals

Lisa and John, NSW

Italians doing it with style

Scott and Nadia, VIC

It’s chaos for the battlers

Representing the West are:

Dane and Leanne, SA

Mother and Son who know best

Jim and Hayley, SA

Watch out they’re firecrackers

Steve and Holly, WA

Anything goes for the risk-takers

 Reno Rumble returns to Nine after Easter