Relay Racing, New Arrivals And A Mass Exodus.

Relay Racing, New Arrivals And A Mass Exodus.

On tonight’s explosive episode of The Bachelorette Australia, Brooke and Konrad had some self-care themed one-on-one time, it was relay racing for tonight’s group date, four more contenders entered the mansion, and we said goodbye to Emily, Jess, Matt and Bec.

Brooke selected Konrad to join her on a pamper session single date. After surprising him at the front door with a sleek Harley Davidson bike, the pair had a ball giving each other massages and clay masks, before sitting down for a meaningful chat.

Brooke became emotional as she told Konrad how much she enjoyed their date together. He gave her an impression she had not expected and felt taken care of for the first time in a while.

Seeing Brooke emotional made Konrad emotional too, and the pair hugged and kiss before Brooke presented him with a rose.

On tonight’s Go-Cart racing group date, Brooke was interested in seeing how the participants communicated in high pressure situations.

As the race began, Taje had a competitive streak as she sped past her opponents, though her strong start was quickly hindered by a crash into the barricade. She had hurt herself, but the adrenaline made her eager to carry on and win. As the teams completed their tasks between the races Brooke kept an eye out for how everyone communicated and supported each other.

Though Taje’s efforts won her the race, Carissa’s kind act of helping her team mates caught Brooke’s attention and won her some alone time with the Bachelorette.

Brooke reminisced on her meeting with Carissa on the red carpet; she had a subtle confidence that drew her in, but since then she feels Carissa has receded into her shell. Though Brooke felt a strong connection at the start, this interaction with Carissa left her feeling confused as she didn’t feel a spark in their kiss.

At tonight’s chaotic cocktail party, four new contenders entered the mansion. Millie was the first to walk through the mansion doors; Brooke and her instantly hit it off as the rest of the mansion watched shaken by the news. Will followed Millie, making an impression with his dapper suit while the third intruder, Jessica, stunned Brooke with her red dress. The last surprise contender, Luca, made waves of jealousy among the existing suitors with his calm and confident front.

Carissa felt threatened as she saw how desperate everyone was for a moment with Brooke, in particular newcomer Luca, who didn’t care about cutting other people’s chats short to speak with Brooke.

At the rose ceremony, Konrad and Carissa were safe amongst the soon to be mass exodus. With only 12 roses to give out, originals Emily, Jess, Matt and Bec were sent home.


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