Reckless Review

Reckless Review

On the surface Reckless seems like a cross between Scandal and Heart of Dixie and that may work in its favour – or not time will tell. 

In the show’s pilot viewers are introduced to Jaime Swayer (Anna Wood, Chronicle), a lawyer from Chicago, who it seems can hold her own against District Attorney, Roy Rayder (Cam Gigandet, The O.C.). The first court case of the series seems to just be a filler, to allow the characters to interact and trade sexy banter, while figuring out whether a black handyman killed the white jewellery artist for a ring. Why the case seems like a filler is because Reckless chucks a curve ball from the light ‘will they, won’t they get together’ banter.

The show will grip viewers with a season long mystery, full of corrupt cops and sex and that’s clear from the outset. In the opening sequence, Detective Terry McCandless, the majorly underappreciated Shawn Hatosy (Southland), and officer Lee Anne Marcus (Fringe‘s Georgina Haig) have sex handcuffed to a fence.

After Lee Anne is fired for sending pictures of herself on the department’s email and decides to sue this sets up the series main question of was it a fair dismissal or is there someone with a grudge out to destroy her? This puts our leads on opposing sides again in a complex case.

The cast also includes Adam Rodriguez (CSI Miami), who isn’t given much to do in the pilot, as Jamie’s boyfriend, Detective Preston Cruz. Michael Gladis (Mad Men) rounds out the cast, as Deputy Chief Holland Knox.

Reckless’ strength is in the chemistry between Wood and Gigandet, as well as its strong cast. However, the show needs to find a way to balance the sexual tension of its two leads, so that its case of the week isn’t overshadowed like it was in the pilot.

The show is enjoyable and grabs your attention in its opening minutes but the jury is still out on if it’s must see TV – although the twist at the end does a good job to keep you curious enough to check out a second instalment.

3 stars out of 5

Reckless  premieres 10:30 PM Wednesday October 8 on Ten     `



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