Ragdoll Review

Ragdoll Review

Today, Foxtel unveils new thriller series Ragdoll.

When the series opens, we are at a trial for the “Cremation Killer.” Due to the severity of the case, Detective Sergeant Nathan Rose (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) is tipped over the edged, causing him to take a two-year break. Upon his return, he is assigned a new case that holds ties to the past.

Enter Detective Inspector Emily Baxter (Thalissa Teixeria) and Detective Constable Lake Edmunds (Luke hale). As the investigation continues, they are lead to the discovery of a corpse stitched together from the body parts of multiple humans, ergo a ragdoll. Things only get more complicated when the team receives a sinister message from the killer, naming the next six victims. Only, it just so happens that the final name on the list is one of their own.

Will the team solve the case before the killer makes it through the list?

Writer Freddy Syborn delivers a suspense-filled and gripping opening hour that gets more gruesome as it unfolds. Balancing out the horrific crimes is some dark humour.

All the cast are watchable in their roles, but Lloyd-Hughes shines with a complex character that is well fleshed out.

Ragdoll is a compelling watch and I’m intrigued to follow it through to the end.

3.5 Stars

Ragdoll premieres on Foxtel on Demand today, with new episodes dropping weekly.


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