Rachel Hunter goes on a Tour of Beauty for Foxtel

Later this month Supermodel Rachel Hunter  goes on the hunt to find the best  beauty regime in a new series.

Growing up in the fashion world, Rachel Hunter has been in the spotlight for almost three decades, and still remains one of the most photographed models on the planet having graced the covers of Vogue, Rolling Stone and Sports Illustrated as well as being the face of Cover Girl cosmetics and Pantene hair products.


Throughout Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty, she asks the question – is ‘beauty’ a sense of wellbeing or is it achieving perfection? Worldwide people have become obsessed with what they put on themselves and what they put in themselves. The market is jammed with products to make people look more attractive, feel better, and improve wellbeing. This series aims to find out if these products are the answer.


In each episode, Rachel visits a new part of the world to discover the secrets of lasting beauty, great health, and long life. Does the secret lie in the Greek Ikarian’s unique lifestyle, or the beauty treatments of South Korea? Is it the diet particular to the inhabitants of Hainan Island in China that creates their youthful appearance? Can Indian amla oil, Chinese green tea, and Fiji’s production of coconut oil contribute to new age beauty?

Travelling through Morocco Rachel meets local women who for generations have performed beauty rituals based on the best ingredients nature has to offer – argan oil, rhassoul clay and rose water. Afterwards she visits a hammam, a traditional steam and bath house, for the authentic spa experience that Moroccans habitually take each week.

On her Tour of Beauty in China, Rachel heads to a Chinese Medicine Clinic in Beijing to explore the Chinese principles of balance and harmony. A traditional dish believed to have anti-aging properties called “the birds nest soup” is on the menu, and from Beijing, Rachel visits Hainan Island to find out what it is that makes the locals live so long.

Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty is a journey that made its mark on Rachel’s lifestyle. The thirteen-part series premieres Tuesdays from February 23 at 8.30pm, only on Foxtel’s LifeStyle YOU.