Rachel Griffiths off to Camp

Rachel Griffiths off to Camp

Rachel Griffiths has the starring role in Camp, the 10 part dramedy being produced for NBC by Matchbox Pictures.

Due to film in the Tweed region of NSW, the series is set at a lakeside camp, where parents guzzle gin while teenagers make mischief and fall in and out of love.


Griffiths will play Mackenzie Greenfield, the director of ‘Camp Little Hawk’. The Hollywood Reporter describes her as “typically upbeat, relentlessly positive camp leader who runs the facility with the golden rule that having a good time is not optional. But beneath her rah-rah lies real pain that includes a philandering husband, dealing with wild kids and the financial strain of keeping the camp afloat.”


Also cast are three Dance Academy stars Tim Pocock and Dena Kaplan, who have a summer romance, and Tom Green, Kaplan’s former on-screen boyfriend.


Production is due to begin in March.

Source the Hollywood Reporter


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