Race To The Alter Ruffles Feathers.

Race To The Alter Ruffles Feathers.

Wedding dresses and love letters fuelled the heart’s desires on tonight’s The Bachelorette Australia.

Inviting Frazer and Pete on a double date to hit the high seas, Elly and Becky were sure they were in for a day to remember.

After bombing around the harbour in mini speedboats, the foursome retired to a super yacht where cute catchups were had around champagne, before the real bonding began.

Taking Pete away to enjoy the view of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, Becky asked the tough questions to ensure their relationship could in fact work in the real world. Revealing his goal to build up his Adelaide business to be financially secure enough to leave work and look after his younger brother, Becky admired Pete’s vulnerability and rewarded him with a kiss and a rose.

Sitting down with Frazer, Elly had some questions on her mind that needed answering. Laying his heart on the line, Elly was satisfied Frazer’s feelings for her were real and they were heading in the right direction, sealing their date with a rose and a smooch.

On the wedding-themed group date, it was a literal race to the alter, seeing the bachelors run an obstacle course in suits, with Elly and Becky in wedding dresses.

Reduced to a ref on the sidelines due to medical reasons, Adrian was power hungry and penalised Team Elly at every opportunity. With his eyes on the one-on-one time up for grabs with the winning Bachelorette, Adrian rigged the win and scored the girl.

Settling into the hot tub for some alone time, Becky was curious to see if Adrian was her Mr. Right or her Mr. Right Now. Admitting he could see a future with Becky and a potential move to Newcastle could be on the cards, Becky had her answer.

At the cocktail party, Joe put it all on the line and recreated the first date he had had with Elly, complete with the same meals. Setting tongues wagging,

James also had an ace up his sleeve and put it into play. Sitting down with her, he read her a letter detailing how true his feelings for her were. Gifting her a rose quartz pendant he believed brought him to her, he walked away confident he would be receiving a rose at the ceremony.

With six roses on offer and seven bachelors remaining, it was Damien who departed the mansion without a rose.