Puberty Blues May 7

Puberty Blues May 7

If this is indeed the last Puberty Blues at least the show goes out on a high.

Promos for the show indicate that it could well be the series finale using the following wording,  for two years you have followed there journey now see how it ends were the voice over exact words.


Debbie and Gary are blissfully happy and in love, until they realise that Gary’s friend Bruce has overdosed on heroin. It’s the final straw for Debbie, who announces that she’s had enough and threatens to fulfil her long cherished dream of running away to Byron Bay.

Gary is only too happy to leave Cronulla and his own parents behind, but is Sue having second thoughts? She now has a lovely boyfriend in Woody, and her own family might be crazy, but they’re crazy in the best possible way.

Martin is distraught when Debbie announces her plans. He wants her to stay and Cheryl to go. But it’s Judy who realizes Debbie can’t be stopped. She’s growing up and probably doesn’t need them anymore.

The realization leads Judy to down one too many drinks at Pam’s 40th birthday party. With the booze flowing freely in her veins she loosens up and to the immense surprise of everyone present, is the first one to put her hand up when Ferris passes the hat around for a key party.

How will it end find out 9 PM Wednesday on Ten.



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