Psychotherapist Marryam Chehelnab Joins Couples Therapy Australia

Psychotherapist Marryam Chehelnab Joins Couples Therapy Australia

Paramount+ is taking a deep dive into the world of relationship counselling. 

Streaming soon on the premier streaming service, Couples Therapy Australia will unlock the hidden world of other people’s relationships.

Far from reality-show caricatures, this true documentary filmmaking brings viewers into the authentic and visceral experience of weekly therapy with three couples, as they dive into their long-standing conflicts, explore their personal histories and seek connection and new compassion for each other. 

On hand to help guide our couples with compassion and clarity, is Registered Clinical Psychotherapist Marryam Chehelnabi. Over her 15 year career, she has worked with individuals, couples and groups seeking help with complex trauma, PTSD, domestic violence, personality disorders, addictions and holds a special interest in couples with complex presentations.

On providing the Couples Therapy Australia sessions, Marryam said: “It’s a privilege to be invited into the sacred world of the couple to support them through their difficulties in what is usually a very private space between two people.”

“I’m not here to fix or solve anything, and I can’t do any of that, even if I wanted to. My work involves collaborating with the couple to develop their relational skills, facilitate their understanding of their unique relationship dynamics, and deepen their awareness of the strengths and challenges that exist within the relationship. What happens from there really boils down to what the couple choose to do in therapy. The motivation to change, heal and grow together has to come from within.”

Although her office is custom built for the production, it is unlike any other set, in that all production elements are entirely invisible to the couples, so that Marryam and the couples can forget about the cameras, and expose their true selves to each other and to viewers. 

At its core, thisis a show about the complexities, contradictions, joys and pains of the battle to stay in love. 


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