Psychic Mediums And The Bachelor Faces Pandemic Problems

Psychic Mediums And The Bachelor Faces  Pandemic Problems

Tonight a drama-filled cocktail party saw five Bachelorettes without a rose

With the World Health Organisation declaring COVID-19 a global pandemic, Osher talked the girls through how the world had changed since they first entered the house and as a result, all remaining dates would happen at the mansion.

Osher invited Roxi, Izzy, Bel, Maddy, Irena and Bella on a group date where they met psychic medium Alison Maiden. Straight off the bat, Alison saw a vision of Locky with a little boy.


Alison told Bella that there would be a few changes in the family, with people passing, but also a boy being born. Hearing this paralleled to Locky’s reading put a smile on Bella’s face.


Alison also felt the spirit of an older man with cancer. Hearing this shook Bella as to her, it signalled that her grandfather had passed. She immediately called home and felt a huge sense of relief knowing that her grandfather was doing fine.


During the one-on-one sessions, Alison encouraged Bella to believe in herself so that she could support Locky through life’s ups and downs.


Irena and Locky were described as two old souls coming together, while Izzy and Locky were said to have the same goldfish attention spans. Alison said Locky would drive Maddy crazy after 10 years together, and she described Roxi as someone who was hard work. Bel was said to be Locky’s hidden gem, as it was revealed that they had been lovers in another lifetime.

The following day saw Locky arrive on a motorbike to pick Roxi up for a date at the Bach Pad. Roxi appreciated Locky’s attempts to break down her walls and she pushed herself to be vulnerable. With Roxi’s heart-racing, the pair shared a long-anticipated kiss.

At tonight’s cocktail party, Locky wanted to reassure Bella of their growing connection by giving her a quick kiss. The peck did not go down well with  the majority of girls, mainly Roxi, who thought it was a disrespectful move on both Locky and Bella’s part.

Later at the rose ceremony, we said goodbye to Areeba, Charley, Gemma, Laura and Marg.

As the remaining bachelorettes returned to the mansion, Osher delivered some bad news to Locky.

The pandemic was getting more serious with each passing day and it was no longer possible to ensure everyone’s safety in the mansion.

With that in mind, it was decided that production would be halted and Locky and the remaining girls were sent home.