Proof Celebrity Friends Aren’t At All Helpful

Proof Celebrity Friends Aren’t At All Helpful

Tonight’s all-in celebrity trial was a headscratcher for our campmates with them having to choose an ex-jungle buddy in the hope to answer a mix of trivia questions correctly. For each incorrect answer, it was a grotesque dunkathon. And unfortunately, you would never use these celebs as a lifeline with the remaining campmates walking away with only a piddly 2.5 stars.

Back at camp, Nathan was sick of the unclean queen Aesha who hadn’t washed her hair in who knows when. Cue When Harry Met Sally moans and “I’ll have what she’s having” retorts.

Speaking of queens, Network 10’s news queen Sandra Sully beamed into camp with news of the world and news from home. With videos and pics flashing before them of their loved ones there wasn’t a dry eye in camp.

Racking up an outstanding one million votes so far this season, the biggest in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! history, it’s evident this year’s campmates have really struck a cord with viewers which made it doubly sad that Dr Chris Brown and Julia Morris dropped the bombshell that Woody Whitelaw was to leave the camp immediately.

Creating the world’s most annoying radio jingle for his Wood with Woody woodpile chats, Woody got down deep with the celebs and got to the heart of their stories. He also had a ringside seat to Domenica and KAK’s food trial showdown and quizzed the bejesus out of Adam about AFL.

All celebs are in tomorrow night’s Ramp It Up trial and we’ll farewell not one, but two celebs in a double elimination!


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