Princess Nina Is Cast Away

Princess Nina Is Cast Away

One family dynasty has officially fallen, with Princess Nina exiting the game just one week after her mother Queen Sandra, due to injury. 

Australian Survivor: Blood V Water is full of twists but leaving the game because of a twisted ankle wasn’t one that Nina saw coming. 

Reward Challenge saw the tribes slide down a giant waterslide & shoot hoops to win a family picnic. Despite Nina injuring herself and being assessed by medics on the sideline, her Red tribe secured the win, offering the morale boost and extra calories they all need. 

Later at the family picnic reward Mark spotted a hidden immunity idol clue and tucked it secretly into his shoe… or so he thought. Jordie ‘The Joker’ spotted him mid-maneuver and pondered how he can use this information to his own advantage. The picnic was cut short for injured Nina, who was taken away by the medical team to be further assessed. 

At the Immunity Challenge but one key player was absent. Nina arrived in a car, on crutches and with a leg cast. She joined her tribe only for Jonathan to announce that the risk was too great for her to continue, and she must leave the game. 

Despite the loss of Nina, the Red tribe went on to win the Immunity Challenge, and the Blue tribe returned to camp deflated.  

The Tribal Council soon followed with many twists and turns.  As soon as the Blue tribe sat down, the Red team march in. Everyone was confused and even more so when Jonathan revealed that Blue must do an instant vote. Heads spinning, Blue vote and Jonathan counts out four votes for Ben, two votes for Khanh, and one vote for KJ. Before Ben stands up to have his torch snuffed, Jonathan asks Red to read out the second part to their advantage. Red are allowed to steal one player from Blue who has had their name written down tonight. After a lengthy discussion and voting, Red pluck KJ for their tribe. 

Tomorrow night on Australian Survivor: Blood V Water, the game continues, and we farewell a fan favourite.  


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