Power Games Commences Production

Power Games Commences Production

Production commenced this week in Sydney on the highly anticipated mini-series POWER GAMES: THE PACKER-MURDOCH STORY, a tale of two very different moguls – the old order’s Sir Frank Packer (Lachy Hulme) and the leader of the new order, Rupert Murdoch (Patrick Brammall).

Australia’s most powerful man, Sir Frank Packer, invited “boy publisher” Rupert Murdoch to a tennis party in 1960. It was an encounter that would forever change their lives, the future of their country and the face of the world’s media.


Through 15 years of political intrigue, raw corporate power and high-rolling luxury, these fierce rivals used every means at their disposal to build their empires – and ultimately came to respect and admire each other as titans on the world media stage.


Starring alongside Lachy Hulme and Patrick Brammall are Luke Ford as Kerry Packer, Alexander England as Clyde Packer and Maeve Dermody as Murdoch’s second wife, Anna Torv, with Heather Mitchell as Lady Gretel Packer, Anne Looby as Florence Packer and Hamish Michael playing Bruce Gyngell.


Power Games is produced by Southern Star Productions, John Edwards and Jodi Matterson, and written by Samantha Winston and David Caesar. Power Games will go to air later this year on the Nine Network

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