Police Rescue Available Now On 10 Play

Police Rescue Available Now On 10 Play

The eighth show to add to your 10 Play streaming queue is an absolute icon of Australian television, Police Rescue. 

With stunningly filmed action sequences in and around Sydney, and tender and engaging personal stories at it’s centre, Police Rescue was one of Australia’s most loved and multi-award winning drama series of the early nineties.

If you weren’t even a blip on your parent’s radar the first time this hit television screens, then you’re about to be schooled on what makes a good Aussie drama.

And do your folks a solid and teach them how to stream on 10 Play (it’s super easy) so they can relive their glory years.


Featuring a stellar cast, Police Rescue stars Gary Sweet, as fearless adrenaline junkie Sergeant Steve ‘Mickey’ McLintock; Sonia Todd as the tough and ambitious Constable Georgia Rattray, who won’t let her past love affair with Mickey get in the way of doing a good job; Steve Bastoni as Constable Yiannis ‘Angel’ Angelopoulos, the cool guy with a heart of gold and a devilish temper, and Tammy Macintosh as Constable Kathy Orland.


Police Rescue joins Season Two of How To Stay Married, Drunk History Australia, Survivor US, Beecham HouseBlood & TreasureDating #NoFilter and Adam Hills: Take His Legs which have already dropped exclusively on 10 Play. And don’t forget, there is still another two days of surprise drops to come!