Plate of Origin finds its top 4

Plate of Origin finds its top 4

On last night’s (Sept. 15) episode of Plate of Origin, Team Cameroon and Team Italy claimed their spot in the Grand Final after two incredibly close fast and furious rounds saw Team China and Team France eliminated by just one point each.

Team Cameroon were emotional during their cook and pushed through a fiery catastrophe burning their first batch of beef, finishing with high praise for their sauce and meat despite their surprising choice of cut – chuck. Ashley, in tears, declaring: “Cameroon this is for you.”

There was fierce competition between the two European culinary superpowers, Italy and France. Despite some stressful final minutes from Team Italy not knowing if their Bistecca was cooked, perfectly soggy chips squashed France’s Grand Final chances while an emotional Team Italy set their sights on the championship title.


Sisters Kelly, 26 and Ashley, 28



Friends Mandy, 28 and Chrys, 30


Soya Beef with Plantain

BBQ Beef Chuan Chuan

Gary: “Some of the nicest surprises in food are when your expectations are low and then they are exceeded. My beef was cooked beautifully.”

Manu: “I loved that sauce with onion and chilli. It was delicious and the plantain works very well.”

Matt: “You cooked your beef beautifully. The marinade had a lovely crispy bark on the outside but when you pull the beef apart it was still succulent, juicy and exactly the colour you wanted.”

Gary: “For me, a little underwhelmed.” (the pickles)

Manu: “I absolutely loved the beef and I loved that little chilli and sesame oil.”




Mum & Daughter Teresa, 58 & Michelle, 35



Friends Austine, 28 and Leo, 31


Bistecca With Roast Potatoes

Steak Tartare

Gary: “That is a beautiful dish. Love those crispy potatoes.”

Manu: “The flavour that your warm vinaigrette got was incredible. The crispy shallots, tomatoes and capers goes so well together with the steak.”

Manu: “Your tartare was absolutely spot on. It was fresh, well-seasoned, well balanced. It was really clean, but the chips weren’t crispy.”

Matt: “What a beautiful finessed dish you put up.

But the chips wish they were crunchy.”