Plate of Origin farewells two more teams

Plate of Origin farewells two more teams

On tonight’s episode of Plate of Origin, four teams entered the fast and furious round cooking an authentic dish in 45 minutes showcasing chicken. Two teams were eliminated while the two winning teams progressed to the finals.

Team Vietnam’s Lemongrass Chicken wraps proved too strong for Team Lebanon’s Chicken Shawarma as mother and daughter Jamal and Rachida were eliminated from the competition. While their generosity of spirit and serving size will not be forgotten by the judges, attention to detail was missing and the chicken was dry.

Matt told Team Lebanon: “You cooked some amazing food and I think you’re going to leave with your heads held high.”

In the next fast and furious, Team Greece’s Chicken Souvlaki scored a perfect 30/30 from the judges, and while Team India’s Chicken Biryani earned praise and surprise for cooking in just 45 minutes, it was no match for a perfect souvlaki, seeing husband and wife Ash and Simran eliminated from the competition.

Simran declared: “I hope I have made every Indian out there proud of us. It still is the best cuisine ever and we’re always going to be the proud Indians. Long live India!”



Thanh, 31 and Duncan, 30



Jamal, 48 and Rachida, 30


Lemongrass Chicken Wraps

Chicken Shawarma 

Matt:“You did it again Thanh and Duncan, you took me back to the streets of Hanoi and eating a lettuce wrap.”

Manu: “The chicken was fantastic! It was chargrilled on the outside, but juicy in the middle, which is exactly what we wanted.”

Matt: “Today, the dish you put up was not the dish I would have had if I came to your house.”

Manu: “The chicken had an amazing amount of spice on there but a little too dry for my liking.”

Gary: “It’s that spirit of generosity that’s hard to shake off for both of you and I love that, but what I would have loved it if that hummus that was a little smoother.
















Dezi, 41 and Penny, 33



Ash, 40 and Simran, 39


Chicken Souvlaki

Chicken Biryani

Gary: “That was the best souvlaki I have ever, ever had.”

Manu: “I can’t add anything to that other than a 10.”

Matt 10 // Manu 10 // Gary 10

Gary: “The spice blend, the depth of flavour that you got from those 17 spices was absolutely wonderful.”

Matt: “It’s a recipe that I would like please, fantastic work, well done.”

Matt 8 // Manu 8// Gary 8