Plane Rides, Obstacle Courses And A Cocktail Party Walkout

On tonight’s explosive episode of The Bachelorette Australia, Brooke and Luca took to the skies in a single date of epic proportions, competitiveness reached fever pitch in an obstacle course themed group date and at an emotional cocktail party, Carissa told Brooke she wanted to leave the mansion.  

Luca’s first night persistence paid off, with Brooke picking him for a Top Gun inspired single date. Taking to the skies in two separate military fighter planes, the pair were overjoyed with the euphoric experience, particularly when the planes dipped, flipped and dived in the air.

Back on dry land, Luca and Brooke cosied up on the couch as they reflected on their date. Brooke was grateful to have had him by her side as she conquered her fears and Luca reassured her that he was only here for her and was not concerned about anyone else in the mansion. Luca admitted he really liked Brooke and hadn’t felt this way about anyone in a while. Brooke felt the same way and offered him a rose and a kiss.

On the group date, Brooke’s chosen suitors arrived at an obstacle course. They were split into two teams: the OG’s Darvid, Steve, Holly and Kurt, and the Intruders: Will, Jessica, Millie, and Luca, which levelled up the competitive streak in both teams.

Though this was a physical challenge, Osher mentioned that between each obstacle they would have to answer a question about Brooke. The fastest team to answer all the questions correctly and complete the obstacle course would win and Brooke would choose a member from the winning team to spend extra time with.

Despite their close times, the OG’s won and Brooke selected Kurt to join her for some special one-on-one time to get to know him better.

While he chatted away about how much he admired Brooke, she silently wished he would go in for a kiss. After trying to send him signals on a several different occasions, an oblivious Kurt finally picked up the hint and two shared their long-awaited kiss. Brooke, who didn’t expect to have such a strong connection with Kurt, offered him a rose.

At an emotional cocktail party, Carissa pulled Brooke aside and told her that it was hard for her to let her walls down and be vulnerable. Feeling like she couldn’t find love in this experience, Carissa told Brooke that she wanted to leave.   

The women said their goodbyes to each other before Carissa left and an upset Brooke re-joined the cocktail party, calling it a night with no rose ceremony.


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