A Place to Call Home’s Shocking Surprise

If you haven’t seen tonight’s episode  (Season 5 episode 10) of A Place to Call Home don’t read this story.

When we left Inverness last week, Jack (Craig Hall) was seen giving into temptation and drinking out of a bottle before hitting his head on the ground. Tonight in a game changing episode we found out the reason why, as all the major plots of the season reached their crescendo moments so let’s debrief.

In the perfectly titled, Death Comes to an End, we’re treated to a flashback episode to reveal the three missing weeks in order to discover just how Jack got in this predicament. The episode follows Jack and George in the final weeks of the campaign trail, all part of Regina’s (Jenni Baird) plan to reclaim Ash Park and send Sir Richard packing from their lives. As the hour unfolds, the plan takes shape as George (Brent Climo) introduced Sarah (Merta Dusseldorp) and David as his family publicly. This angered Sir Richard (Mark Lee), who insisted to keep his sexuality a secret, Henry (Tim Draxel) would reveal that Jack preformed an abortion illegally- he however wouldn’t need to do this as Anna (Abby Earl) comes up with an idea to have a sham engagement.

On the day of the election debate, the plan had finally succeed with Ash Park returned to the Bligh’s. Sir Richard got publicly humiliated and as he realised he had been played by the family and double crossed by Regina, he played his trump card and revealed that Jack’s testicles had been cut off in the war. This shock reveal led to Jack hitting the bottle, before he tripped and fell.

As one mystery is resolved, another begins as the next morning reveals Regina dead in the creek. Who killed her? Did Sir Richard get his revenge for her deceit after threatening her life?

The surprising development brings an end to one of the most polarising characters in Australian television history in bittersweet fashion, who exits the series after five seasons of scheming and redemption. Regina will certainly be missed.

With only two episodes left this season where the series goes from here is anyone guess, but next week the truth of Regina’s death emerges as Sarah begins to put the pieces of the puzzle together and fans won’t want to miss it.

A Place to Call Home airs 7:30pm (AEDT) Sundays on Showcase.