Pint-Sized Powerhouse Pettifleur Is Ejected

Pint-Sized Powerhouse Pettifleur Is Ejected
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A big episode saw a real contender depart.

Grant dug deep and quashed his greatest fears as he dominated the claustrophobic Viper Room full of snakes to score a whopping 13 stars for dinner. At this strike rate, our celebrities are close to entering a food coma!

It was soon time for the camp to return to The Edge Of The Jungle to determine who would be the second celebrity evicted from the competition.

To secure their place in the game, the celebrities were required to load 15 kilograms of clothes into a giant washing machine. Domesticated Dipper had a near-perfect guess, but sadly Alli, Ash and Pettifleur were furthest off the mark.

Fighting for their life in the game, the bottom three had to attempt to guess how many critters were inside the Hell Hole Of Destiny. Ash was safe yet again, while Alli and Pettifleur guessed the same number, forcing them to a tiebreaker.

Alli and Pettifleur were given a minute to guess how many eyeballs in a jar, and it was poor Pettifleur who was swiftly evicted into the swamp.

Emerging from the dank water, Pettifleur reflected: “It is a bit of a bummer that I’m not there until the end. I was kicking myself, I couldn’t even get out of the water to be honest. It was heart wrenching.

“Not only is this experience awesome, but it’s the love for the team – all the people I’m leaving behind. I kind of didn’t think I was going to go home.”