Pilot Week: Sydney’s Crazy Rich Asians

Pilot Week: Sydney’s Crazy Rich Asians

Tonight, 10 kicked off its now annual Pilot Week with a look at Sydney’s Crazy Rich Asians.

Sydney’s Crazy Rich Asians follows the lavish lives of three crazy-rich friends, and the ‘fixer’ who makes all their dreams come true. We have Lulu, a ‘Southeby’s Auctions mogul’; Crystal, our ‘charity princess’; and Emily, an ‘international beauty queen’.

With lots of money to spend so enter the concierge to the rich and famous – Karim. He’s on hand to organise everything, from couture fashion shows to the extravagant yacht parties that full up his millionaire client’s time – literally anything these three can throw they’re money at, he’s organising.

The central event tonight was a fashion/dog show fundraiser for the Sydney Dogs & Cats Shelter, a worthy cause which has an impact when Crystal and Karim pay a visit.

Throughout the course of the hour, Karim handles some outrageous request like organising a vitamin drip, getting Lulu swimming lessons from a ripped swimming instructor, and helping ‘Chinese Yacht King’ Jeffery, who wants a party on the habour. Stat.

The show promised that, for one night only, you’ll have the chance to go behind the velvet rope and experience life in the designer shoes of Sydney’s elite. However, the pilot failed to deliver a sense of conflict and if it gets the green light for a series, it needs to inject something more to keep us hooked.

Sydney’s Crazy Rich Asians was an interesting ride to be on, but spending money on lavish things isn’t necessarily going to be enough to bring the audience back week after week.