Pilot Week: Part Time Private Eyes

Pilot Week: Part Time Private Eyes

Night two of 10’s Pilot Week gives us a taste of Part Time Private Eyes.

Part Time Private Eyes follows Val (Heidi Arena) and Alex (Nicola Parry), two mums at a local primary school trying to find work that fits within the school drop off and pick up times. With very little experience between them, they are thrown deep into the world of working undercover, rushing to solve cashes between 9am and 3pm.

When Karen (Nadine Garner) complains that she thinks her husband Ian (Alex Pappas) might be having an affair, our soon-to-be amateur sleuth mum duo seize the opportunity to earn a quick buck. With newly-single Alex struggling to re-enter the job market due to lack of flexible working hours, and full-time mum Val is smack-bang in a mid-life identity crisis, offering to ‘investigate’ could be the answer to all their problems! After all, it’s just a bit of snooping, isn’t it?

Very quickly, Alex and Val found themselves unlikely partners – the serious detailers and the over-eager sidekick – helping each other to juggle the dull and domestic with the exciting new world of being a part-time private eyes.

The 30-minute pilot was perfectly cast with Arena and Perry’s onscreen chemistry easily drawing you into these character’s lives. Seeing Nadine Garner and Alex Pappas flex their comedic skills added another highlight to an interesting pilot.

If Part Time Private Eyes gets the greenlight, I wouldn’t change a thing. It was funny and charming, and I need more please!