Pilot Week: My 80 Year Old Flatmate

Pilot Week: My 80 Year Old Flatmate

Rounding out 10’s Pilot Week for 2019 is the delightful My 80 Year Old Flatmate.

The final offering saw Australia trapped in a housing crisis. Millennials are locked out of the rental market while many older Australians live alone in empty houses. Now, a unique social experiment finally poses a solution. Two older Australians will meet a group of millennials and choose two to trial living with. Our millennials will get free rent in exchange for helping around the house. The two generations will share their space, their experiences, and maybe even learn from each other. On successful millennial from each trial will be offered the keys to the spare room.

So, how will two very different generations get along under the same roof?

In the pilot we met John, an older gentleman who needed help with the garden and an occasional home-cooked meal. Joining him in this experience is Christa, who is slightly more upper-class than John and loves her dogs and a party. Both of them conducted interviews before picking two housemates for a trial stay, which led to some interesting results.

All up, I wouldn’t mind seeing a short-run series next year. This is an interesting concept that has a lot of potential and which I quite enjoyed.