Pia Miranda takes out Survivor title for 2019

Pia Miranda takes out Survivor title for 2019

In her most memorable role yet, leading Australian actress, Pia Miranda has been crowned the Sole Survivor and winner of the $500,000 cash prize in tonight’s gripping Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders finale.

After 50 days of being pushed to her physical and mental limits, surviving countless challenges and Tribal Councils, Pia managed to outwit, outplay and outlast 23 other contestants including Olympic heroes, world record holders and athletic legends.

The final Immunity Challenge saw the final three contestants – Pia, Harry and Baden – stand on narrow pedestals while holding onto ropes attached to two heavy Idols. At any point, if they dropped an Idol or took a foot off a pedestal, they were out of the challenge and no longer in the running to win the coveted title.

Before the challenge that would ultimately seal their fate, Pia, Harry and Baden, were treated to an emotional reunion with their families. After everything they had sacrificed over the last 49 days, there had never been so much at stake for the final three.

After more than six and a half hours, the longest challenge in Australian Survivor history, Harry’s leg began to shake uncontrollably, which led him to admit defeat. Jonathan LaPaglia had to help him down. Shortly after, Pia couldn’t take another second and through tears, told Jonathan she couldn’t move and he helped her down.

In an unbelievable feat, Baden was declared the winner, taking out his first and most illustrious Immunity, and most-importantly guaranteeing him a spot in the final two.

At Tribal Council, Baden held the power to choose who to take to the end. But it was Pia who landed the killer blow, telling Baden he could make his biggest and final move by voting Harry out of the game. A move that no other player had been able to pull off. And with that, Baden placed his vote and sent Dirty Harry packing, taking Pia with him to the end.

At their final Tribal Council, Baden and Pia were up against the hard questions as the pair pleaded their cases to the Jury of eliminated contestants for the very last time.

In a landslide vote, Pia was crowned the Sole Survivor for 2019 and the winner of a life-changing $500,000. As the enormity of the win sunk in, she embraced her family and the Jury, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

On her win, an emotional Pia said: “This was the most amazing experience of my life, and I’ve come away from this a better person. Playing Survivor was a lifelong dream. I always said I was going to be the first person voted out, or I would win.”