Photoshoots, Clifftops And Cocktail Party Confrontations.

Photoshoots, Clifftops And Cocktail Party Confrontations.

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette Australia, eight participants were selected for the inaugural photoshoot date, Darvid scored the first single date of the season .

Brooke selected Kurt, Jamie-Lee, Karissa, Konrad, Jess, Ryan, Beau and Holly to join her for a photoshoot-themed group date.

While Kurt brought his A-game as he took off his shirt, Jamie-Lee unleashed her inner Baywatch as a lifeguard. Brooke invited one of them to rub sunscreen on her back and although Jamie-Lee raised her hand to volunteer, Kurt jumped to the opportunity. He was bold and flirtatious with Brooke, as he picked her up in his arms for a photo. Jamie-Lee, determined to get some time alone with Brooke, pulled her aside for a solo shoot where they built on their existing friendship.

Konrad and Jess met Brooke at a Valentine’s Day dinner setting. Their unspoken competitiveness arose once more on the shoot as they fought for Brooke’s attention. Konrad decided to up the ante and faked a proposal for Brooke which saw her overcome with giddiness.

At a Halloween-themed photo shoot, Ryan and Beau failed to impress Brooke as she felt they were more invested in getting the shot rather than focusing on their connection with her.

The final photoshoot was reserved for Holly who got to spend time alone with Brooke at their New Year’s Eve Ball theme. They slow danced as they reminisced on their red-carpet meeting. The synergy between them was noticeable as they gazed into each other’s eyes.

Brooke chose Darvid to join her for the first single date of the season. They enjoyed a bumpy helicopter ride all the way to the Blue Mountains where Brooke revealed that they would be hanging out, quite literally, on the side of a cliff.

Darvid felt they were both calming each other’s nerves as they settled in and got to know each other. They chatted about what they were looking for in a relationship and found they were on the same page about a lot of things. Brooke offered Darvid a rose which he accepted, and the two of them shared their first kiss.

At a tense cocktail party, Emily was vocal about getting time alone with Brooke as she wasn’t on the group date. When Darvid pulled Brooke aside despite his single date and rose from her, Emily told him she no longer trusted him and was going to keep her distance.

Brooke had a private chat with Holly and their connection picked up where it left off from their solo photoshoot. Jamie-Lee looked on in awe at their developing bond. Brooke offered Holly a rose which she accepted, and they shared a kiss.

Sadly, with only 15 roses up for grabs, Beau was sent home.


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