Pettifleur Berenger Joins The Jungle

Pettifleur Berenger Joins The Jungle

In one of the toughest trials yet, multiple snake bites are obtained, problems are shared and a brand-new campmate arrives via a deranged bird. It’s just another night in the Aussie celebrity jungle.

Dipper’s first morning in camp saw a lot of campmates exhausted thanks to his snoring. To make up for his first camp mishap, Dipper rallied the red team with positive thoughts ahead of their next Hungry Games trial.

Walking into a clearing, Dipper, Toni and Ash were faced with Hellraiser and the Critter Canal of Doom. To keep themselves safe, the celebs needed to answer animal facts correctly.

Incorrect answers saw the celebs hoisted up into the canal to face their fate, where an escape valve was their only relief. Catch was, it could only be turned using their nose, tongue or mouth.

Toni’s second time in the Critter Canal of Doom saw her face to face with five baby jungle pythons that didn’t take too kindly to her, striking her multiple times on the face and head.

Not one to give up, Toni bravely continued despite the striking snakes and succeeded in releasing the valve and sealing her escape.

As the medic tended to Toni’s bites, Dr Chris Brown reassured her the pythons weren’t venomous and her fellow campmates Ash and Dipper looked on in awe, telling her how amazing she was facing her fear.

As the game progressed, Toni entered the canal three more times, walking away with only rice and beans for the green team.

Proving it was a day of heartfelt emotion, Mel admitted she’d recently stopped drinking prompting Grant to reveal that coming into the jungle made him realise he used alcohol to stem his fear and anxiety.

Post dinner, Jungle Mail arrived sending Ash and Grant to Woop Woop. Met by a deranged bird, the pair had to find the keys to free their new teammate, The Real Housewives of Melbourne star, Pettifleur Berenger.

After a successful mission, Pettifleur entered camp and realised she wasn’t in Melbourne anymore, while Grant and Ash were dubious about their new teammate’s abilities.